The following lists the final revised papers grouped in their volumes. Their corresponding preprints and discussion comments are shown alongside the articles.
Volume 2-oae2023, 2023 | Description | Download full report | Download competing interests summary Guide to Best Practices in Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Research Editor(s): Andreas Oschlies, Angela Stevenson, Lennart T. Bach, Katja Fennel, Rosalind E. M. Rickaby, Terre Satterfield, Romany Webb, and Jean-Pierre Gattuso
Volume 1-osr7, 2023 | Description | Download full report 7th edition of the Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR7) Editor(s): Karina von Schuckmann, Lorena Moreira, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Marilaure Grégoire, Marta Marcos, Joanna Staneva, Pierre Brasseur, Gilles Garric, Piero Lionello, Johannes Karstensen, and Griet Neukermans
CC BY 4.0