Articles | Volume 1-osr7
27 Sep 2023
 | OSR7 | Chapter 4.1
 | 27 Sep 2023 | OSR7 | Chapter 4.1

Unusual coccolithophore blooms in Scottish waters

Richard Renshaw, Eileen Bresnan, Susan Kay, Robert McEwan, Peter I. Miller, and Paul Tett

Data sets

Atlantic - European North West Shelf - Ocean Physics Reanalysis EU Copernicus Service Product

European North West Shelf/Iberia Biscay Irish Seas - High Resolution L4 Sea Surface Temperature Reprocessed EU Copernicus Service Product

North Atlantic Ocean Colour Plankton, Reflectance, Transparency and Optics MY L3 daily observations EU Copernicus Service Product

ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1940 to present Copernicus Climate Change Service

Short summary
There were two unusual blooms in Scottish waters in summer 2021. Both turned the sea a turquoise colour visible from space, typical of coccolithophore blooms. We use reanalysis and satellite data to examine the environment that led to these blooms. We suggest unusual weather was a contributory factor in both cases.
Final-revised paper