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27 Nov 2023
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Social considerations and best practices to apply to engaging publics on ocean alkalinity enhancement

Terre Satterfield, Sara Nawaz, and Miranda Boettcher

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Climate targets, carbon dioxide removal, and the potential role of ocean alkalinity enhancement
Andreas Oschlies, Lennart T. Bach, Rosalind E. M. Rickaby, Terre Satterfield, Romany Webb, and Jean-Pierre Gattuso
State Planet, 2-oae2023, 1,,, 2023
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To ensure that ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) research is attentive to societal priorities and does not prematurely engender widespread social rejection, it will be critical to understand the conditions most likely to lead to social approval. To facilitate this, we (1) characterize what is known to date about public perceptions of OAE, (2) provide suggestions on how to conduct public engagement, and (3) suggest how knowledge gained can be integrated into ongoing scientific work.
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